The most important information for interested people.

You come from a so-called third state (means mainly from a non-EU country), for example from Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Egypt, Eritrea or from Syria, Kazakhstan, Iraq or Iran and you participate in an integration or a vocational language course „German as a foreign language“ and

  • You need a learning plan for better learning
  • You need support and help for a better command of German (reading, listening, writing and talking)
  • You want to intensify your learning by individual steps and in a comfortable atmosphere

In this case you are at the right place here at the learning center. We offer individual training. The learning center supports you with social and educational competence, providing modern learning aids and, last but not least, empathy.

We offer you

  • a personal first consultation
  • individual studying under supervision
  • the possibility to learn in small groups
  • a „talking-café“ where you can train talking in German
  • learning a language in a „tandem“ – with the support of competent speaking partners at our learning center classroom
  • help and support with the exam preparation A1, B1, B2, C1

You find us here:

The learning center is situated in Kaiserslautern as part of the center of further education (Weiterbildungszentrum = WBZ), Kanalstr. 3, 67655 Kaiserslautern, inside the buidling of the Volkshochschule Kaiserslautern.

The learning center inside the center of further education (WBZ)

Comfortable and attractive learning environment providing state-of-the-art technical equipment

  • 12 fully equipped mobile working stations
  • 6 computer working places with laptops, printer/scanner, access to the internet
  • mobile working tables and chairs, mobile dividers
  • specialized library